Spanish Speaking Lawyer

Why You Should Choose a Spanish Speaking Attorney

The demographics of our country are continuously changing, so it’s easy to see why Spanish language skills are a rapidly growing trend among law firms. The need to speak and understand Spanish permeates nearly every area of law, including personal injury, immigration, family, criminal, and others. While an English speaking attorney is easy to find regardless of the practice area, it may be in your best interest to find an experienced lawyer who is bilingual and understands the Spanish language. The following are three reasons why every client should consider a bilingual Spanish speaking attorney for all of his or her legal needs.

Better Service

A bilingual Spanish speaking lawyer can provide better service to you by increasing effective communication. An attorney who can communicate with you in your native language can provide customized, convenient attention to your legal needs. Not only is speaking the same language necessary to verbally relay information, but a Spanish speaking lawyer can also provide thank-you letters, evidence checklists, client-intake questionnaires or forms, police records, hospital documents or records, and provide contracts in Spanish. In addition, an attorney with whom you can communicate in the way you are most comfortable will help to ensure that your legal team truly understands the impact that the incident has had on you and your loved ones.

Avoid Misunderstandings

Another benefit of working with a bilingual Spanish speaking attorney is that there is a greater chance that you’ll avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication. Your legal team will have the language skills necessary to adequately clarify important information such as state-specific laws as they pertain to your case, dates of hearings, and other important facts for determining your legal benefits or options. Seeking an attorney who speaks your language can help you to avoid or, at the very least, minimize any barrier that might otherwise hurt the effectiveness of your legal representation and the outcome of your case.

Develop Trust

Having a bilingual Spanish speaking lawyer on your side can be useful when it comes to clarifying a factual or procedural issue or explaining complicated legal processes. If you or someone you love is not familiar with English or the legal system, you might feel wary of falling victim to laws and regulations that you don’t understand. By working with a bilingual Spanish speaking lawyer, you can rest assured that there is trust and rapport between you and your legal team. As a result, you’ll feel more comfortable placing confidence in your attorney, knowing that he or she is honestly relaying all important information to you from the other parties who might be involved in your claim.

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